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The access to assistance is amazing. In addition to WSIPC’s annual user conference, they provide workshops designed specifically for whatever area you are working in, whether it’s fiscal training or student management. They are really good about providing learning opportunities.

April | Brewster School DistrictBrewster, WA

Being a member of WSIPC is a huge benefit. They know the specifics of your state, your region, and your district. They do a really good job of asking the questions, defining the problem, and then just taking care of things.

Derry | South Kitsap School DistrictPort Orchard, WA

The color highlighting feature in My School Data is amazing since I’m completely colorblind and only see shades of grey. Many of the charts highlight when you hover over the legend, and it makes it really easy for me to use.

ESD 105Yakima, WA

My School Data is the easiest product to navigate, while not compromising the power of the data that is displayed.

ESD 105Yakima, WA

I love the ability to quickly display cohort data in My School Data for a group of students for any subject(s) I wish.  This is so hard to do in other softwares of it’s kind.

ESD 105Yakima, WA

The Standards Gradebook feature in My School Data is powerful and will help me show evidence of growth for my teacher evaluation.

ESD 105Yakima, WA

Everything about Skyward makes my position easier. I won’t mention the predecessors, but Skyward is so much more user-friendly, accessible, and enjoyable.

HollyOak Ridge Schools, TN

The master schedule builder is the best scheduling program I have ever worked with, allowing the high school…for three years in a row to schedule student requests successfully at or above 95%.

CoryHortonville School District, WI

Performing AP tasks with Skyward is organized and easy. It has simplified our processes and made reconciling all accounting seamless and accurate. It also allows quick access to past invoices and payments.

JanaOak Ridge Schools, TN

The TrueTime module saves money by eliminating the need for paper timesheets and saves time by eliminating the need to file those timesheets. No more calculating time by hand, because the system keeps track of it for you.

ShellyLittle Falls ISD #482, MN

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