“It can be difficult to make everybody happy and sometimes I struggle with that.”

Ray has come up through the ranks and started his career as an educator. His passion for helping students, families and his community led him to his career as a Superintendent–a role that enables him to serve a large number of students across the school district. 

The most fulfilling parts of Ray’s job are connecting with students, helping students feel wanted and motivated to learn and ensuring that students get quality instruction throughout the district. However, between managing strategic responsibilities, overseeing day-to-day operations, troubleshooting issues that arise across the district and in the community and managing funding, Ray is often pressed for time.

As the face of the school district, Ray is responsible for managing the school board and building connections that can be leveraged for the greater good of his district. While extremely important, the related politics can sometimes leave Ray frustrated. This can be a challenge when students, parents and community members look to Ray to be a strong and sure leader.

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