Director of Finance

“I need a fully integrated and robust school management system that allows me to ensure the financial health and sustainability of my school district.”

Julian is the new Director of Finance for his large school district, which has been struggling financially. Julian is passionate about serving students through the wise use of resources. He has been introducing improved business processes and training his staff.

Julian wants to make sure he is allocating resources effectively and that he can substantiate his decisions. This has been difficult without widely accepted best practices or ways to track returns on investment in the school environment. He wants to avoid the mistakes of his predecessor–cutting important programs due to “lack of funds” while inefficient business practices such as bus routes that maximize overtime go unchecked.

Identifying wasteful spending and knowing where the money is getting the most “bang for the buck” is difficult with his current tools. He finds the dashboards and reporting too superficial to help him identify the real issues. It is also frustrating that the district’s current Student Information System doesn’t integrate with the Business Information System. 

Julian wishes he could see connections between resource allocation and student performance so he could maximize efficiency and performance.

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