“My kids live this whole separate life while at school and I want to know that they are doing okay…”

Jennifer is the mother of Caiden, an 8th grader, and Addie, a 4th grader. Jennifer wants her children to succeed academically, but also to grow into happy, independent and confident adults. She wants to ensure that her children feel supported in school, but she struggles at times to get the information she needs.

As a working mother, Jennifer tries to stay connected with her children’s school experience. She feels that it is critical to receive timely and accurate information that will allow her to support her children’s educational experience, and intercede when necessary to correct behaviors that may derail their success.

Jennifer is looking for and expecting tools that will help her stay informed, allow her to address emerging issues, empower her children to drive their own learning and give her an easy way to corroborate what she hears from her kids so she can guide them accordingly.

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