Announcing the New Qmlativ Special Education Module!

Apr 29, 24

Breaking news!

Announcing the New Qmlativ Special Education Module!

We are excited to share that the new Special Education module will soon be available in Qmlativ through your Cooperative.

While current Qmlativ functionality allows you to track student Special Education data required for WA State Reporting, the upcoming full Special Education module will further empower you to manage your Special Education business practices by adding the ability to maintain data on:

  • assessments
  • accommodations
  • goals and progress
  • programs and related services
  • teams

In addition, you will be able to enhance your workflow and accountability with a contact log, the ability to create and use forms, and a fully transparent change history.

The new Special Education module is not part of the core Qmlativ product and will be available as a Software as a Service (SaaS) module. You can use the new module alone, or in partnership with your IEP Online software for advanced functionality.

Here are your options for using the new Special Education module:

  1. If you currently use, and plan to continue using IEP Online, you can activate the Qmlativ Special Education module at no cost.
  2. If you do not use IEP Online and want to start using the Qmlativ Special Education module, you can request a quote for the Qmlativ Special Education module. The annual fee for the Qmlativ Special Education module is $3.30 per IDEA student.
  3. If you do not use IEP Online, you may continue to use the current “State Reporting Special Education screens” found in Qmlativ Student Profile, at no cost.

Following the release of the Qmlativ Special Education module, detailed information will be available in both the Help Center and Qmlativ Professional Development Center (PDC). If you have questions about the module or would like to implement it, contact your Information Service Center.

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