WSIPC RFP 22-04 Online Payment Solutions

In today's digital world, school districts are moving to online payment solutions that streamline the management, reporting, and accountability of a student’s financial record, as well as making it easy for parents/guardians to pay student fines and fees, make donations, or purchase items through one easy-to-navigate portal. With so many different systems and people involved, there's a risk of money or receipts going missing before they reach the district accounting office. This makes auditing and data analysis more time-consuming and complex. With the growing need for secure online payments and a transparent way to manage transactions, the future of school funds is digital.

WSIPC is releasing RFP 22-04 to establish relationships with one or more vendors that provide responsible and lowest-possible cost for Online Payment Solutions in accordance with the specifications contained in RFP 22-04.

RFP 22-04 Bid Documents

WSIPC RFP 22-04 Public Notice (PDF)

WSIPC RFP 22-04 Online Payment Solutions (PDF)

22-04 Appendix A - Intent to Participate (Word Doc Download)

22-04 Appendix B - Proposal Form (Word Doc Download)

22-04 Appendix C - Vendor Capabilities (Word Doc Download)

22-04 Appendix D - Product Service Requirements (Word Doc Download)

22-04 Appendix E - Vendor Cost Proposal Form (Word Doc Download)

22-04 Appendix E - Vendor Cost Proposal Pricing Form (Excel Download)

22-04 Attachment A - Contract for the Purchase Of Goods and Services (PDF)

22-04 Addendum 1 - Questions & Answers (PDF) 

22-04 Affidavit of Publication - Daily Journal Commerce - Oregon 

22-04 Affidavit of Publication - Idaho Statesman

22-04 Affidavit of Publication - Salt Lake City Tribune