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Work Smarter, Not Harder, with Qmlativ!

Posted on December 06, 2019 by WSIPC News
Here's the latest batch of Qmlativ updates designed to help you work smarter, not harder! read more

District Spotlight - Oakville School District Brings Back Music Program, Adds 'Learning Tracks'

Posted on December 05, 2019 by WSIPC News
The Oakville School District made a number of substantial changes before the start of the 2019 school year intended to create more opportunities for students and increase total enrollment. read more

Don't Get Hijacked! 10 Steps to Prevent a Ransomware Attack

Posted on December 04, 2019 by WSIPC News
Protect yourself and your data. Follow these best practices to guard against ransomware attacks. read more

Setting Up An eLearning Day

Posted on December 03, 2019 by WSIPC News
Schools are experimenting with "cyber snow days"—or to be more inclusive of all regions, eLearning days. But are they really worth the trouble? read more

The Power of the Cooperative

Posted on November 27, 2019 by WSIPC News
If you've ever wondered what it would be like to unite your efforts with other schools and districts to reach a common goal, read more

Self-Paced Learning - Great Knowledge is Only a Click Away

Posted on November 26, 2019 by WSIPC News
Do your employees need to learn new software? Do you have new staff members who need to learn your systems? To find out if self-paced learning is right for your district, read more
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