Don’t Miss the CYBER.ORG EdCon 24 Cybersecurity Conference!

Apr 16, 24 EdCon 24

Don’t Miss the CYBER.ORG EdCon 24 Cybersecurity Conference!

June 15-17, 2024 - Orlando, FL

Early Bird Rate: $50 (K-12 Educators and Government Personnel)

Pricing after April 30, 2024: $100 (K-12 Educators and Government Personnel)

EdCon 2024 is a national conference designed to inspire and empower novice and expert K-12 cybersecurity educators and counselors alike. Attendees will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn ready-to-implement lessons from CYBER.ORG curriculum developers.
  • Explore no-cost resources from industry experts.
  • Gain firsthand knowledge from K-12 educators who teach foundational and technical cybersecurity.

Choose your adventure! At this year’s conference you will have options for attendance:

  • Explore and Customize - The choice is yours!
    • Explore multiple topics and curricula during the conference.
    • Choose from 3 available breakouts each hour of the conference. Sample sessions include:
      • Overview of Cyber Society for High School Students
      • Cybersecurity Basics for K-8
      • Palo Alto Networks K-12 Fundamental Series Courses and Labs
  • Deep Dive and Elevate - Immersive learning!
    • Whether a newbie or an experienced range user, take a 2.5-day training with a deep dive into using a cyber range in a classroom.

Learn how to keep your data safe!

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