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Mar 28, 24

Vanco Webinar

Vanco and WSIPC Webinar

Online Payment Systems: Choosing the Best Solutions for Your District

April 3 at 11 a.m. PT

Tracking all the fees that flow into your school district isn’t easy. That’s particularly true when you’re not sure where all those fees are coming from, or when you’re managing large quantities of cash and checks.

Online payment systems provide an easier way to process payments and ensure you’re on track to meet your financial goals. It’s also a great way to make life easier for parents and staff. The question is, does your district have the right system? And are you using it to its fullest potential?

We’re partnering with our friends at Vanco to present a new webinar, Online Payment Systems: Choosing the Best Solutions for Your District. This webinar will provide guidelines for moving toward a centralized payment platform to set your district up for long-term success.

Vanco is an awarded vendor of WSIPC RFP 22-04 Online Payment Solutions, and they’re popular throughout Washington school districts for their robust Skyward SIS integration for both Qmlativ and SMS 2.0.

We invite you to join us at our April 3 webinar as we explore payment processing guidelines and best practices.

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Vanco is an awarded vendor of WSIPC RFP 22-04 Online Payment Solutions.

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