Your WSIPC Cooperative - Working for You!

Jan 31, 24

Stronger together!

Your WSIPC Cooperative - Working for You!

Founded by districts, owned and governed by the nine ESDs, we are not a vendor, we are your WSIPC Cooperative! Your Cooperative brings you value by conquering issues, creating solutions, and absorbing costs to lessen the resource and financial burden on your schools.

Here are a few highlights from 2023.

Data and Information Requests
One of the purposes of your WSIPC Cooperative is to meet shared needs and lessen the demands on districts through a collaborative response in areas such as data requests and public information requests.

  • JLARC Data Request
    The Legislature directed the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Committee (JLARC) to conduct a performance audit of several aspects of Washington’s special education system, including funding, accounting, and service delivery. WSIPC defined the data needs and built the logic to pull the required data from SMS 2.0 and Qmlativ.
  • American Transparency Public Information Request
    A Public Records Request was received from American Transparency seeking data pertaining to 2022-2023 Payment Transactions. To help districts submit this data to American Transparency, WSIPC created an SMS 2.0 Crystal Report and a Qmlativ Custom Report.

New WSIPC Purchasing Program Partners
Each vendor who becomes a part of the WSIPC Purchasing Program has been awarded a bid contract through an official RFP process in compliance with Washington State Procurement RCWs. In 2023, WSIPC added the following WSIPC Purchasing Program contracts and awarded vendors:

  • RFP 23-01 Contract Lifecycle Management Solutions
    This contract was added to provide cloud-based solutions for creating, submitting, storing, and managing contracts by tracking and automating each step in a contract lifecycle, and providing greater security, efficiency, tracking, and real-time visibility while reducing risk.
  • RFP 23-02 Enterprise Cybersecurity & Risk Assessment Solutions
    This contract was added to provide comprehensive cybersecurity and risk assessment guidance that is credible, and fully aligned with industry standards and best practices for educational entities and public agency customers.

Data Privacy and Interoperability Resources for Districts
WSIPC provides Washington State Alliance access to ALL schools in Washington State, free of charge. Through the Washington State Alliance, all schools in Washington State (including public, private/independent, charter, and tribal schools) have access to Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC) and Access For Learning Community (A4L) tools and resources. Learn more here.

We’re Stronger Together!
To learn more about how your WSIPC Cooperative works for you, visit our website at or contact us at

WSIPC is a non-profit cooperative that provides technology solutions (including Skyward), services, and support to K-12 schools. WSIPC’s purpose is to help schools do more with every dollar and to empower them with the tools to work smarter. To learn how your district can become a part of the WSIPC Cooperative, contact us at or 425.349.6600.

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