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Presidio is one of the largest and most adept providers of advanced technology solutions and services. We recognize that in today’s business climate, IT investments need to be strategic and practical to have immediate impact. Our holistic approach blends experience and expertise with proven processes and technologies to satisfy our clients’ technical business objectives, providing significant value differentiation.

Presidio is a leading solution provider with more than 30 years of experience specializing in designing, planning, and implementing a wide range of Tier-1 manufacturers’ advanced technology solutions. We have a solid history of serving the needs of countless Public Sector customers. Our extensive experience provides us with an enhanced understanding and first- hand customer knowledge of the unique challenges faced by these organizations.

Presidio commits resources and makes significant investment with select strategic partners to achieve broad and deep sets of technical capabilities. By combining this expertise with our standard engagement framework and results-oriented focus, we deliver successful solutions to solve client challenges.

On the Request for Quote, Purchase Order, and all vendor communication, reference contract number: WSIPC RFP 23-02.

Presidio understands cyber. Clients who engage with Presidio will discover flexible solutions that will meet their specific needs. Presidio works with clients to identify gaps, protect sensitive data, and respond with industry leading technologies and automation.

Presidio Cybersecurity Services 
Presidio Cybersecurity Services Brief (PDF) >>

  • Incident Response: Leveraging the latest technologies and techniques to rapidly isolate and remediate.
  • Identity & Access Management: Verifying that human and non-human accounts are who/what they claim to be and providing those accounts the appropriate access only when needed.
  • Security Program Development: Prioritizing a cybersecurity strategy for each client.
  • Privacy Program Development: Implementing protections for sensitive data.
  • 24 x 7 x 365 Coverage: Managing services, monitored and operated every minute of every day to support the highest levels of security and to respond in seconds.

Presidio Ransomware Managed Detection & Response

Presidio Managed Detection & Response (PDF) >>

Ransomware and breaches are top of mind for organizations globally. The proliferation of security applications, alarms, and alerts can overwhelm a security team, delaying an effective response and putting their business at risk.

Presidio MDR defends against credential thefts, malware outbreaks, security breaches, data exfiltration, and other potential security incidents such as ransomware. Presidio MDR integrates with traditional enterprise and cloud platforms to consolidate security event data and decisions through an intuitive platform.

Presidio MDR helps clients move from a reactive position to a proactively defensive security posture and includes the following core platform and key expert resources:

  • SIEM and/or EDR Technology
  • SecOps Portal
  • Threat Engine
  • Premium Threat Intelligence Feeds
  • Tactical Security Reviews
  • Threat Strike Team

Presidio Ransomware Readiness Assessment 
Presidio Ransomware Readiness Assessment Brief (PDF) >>

Ransomware has become the top cybersecurity threat for many organizations, across all sizes and industries. Many are uncertain as to the resilience of their environment against the threat posed by the current generation of ransomware. They are not sure about their ability to respond to a ransomware incident and might not even be sure as to what a ransomware response would entail.

    Most organizations know that the primary threat posed by ransomware is the encryption of data, effectively denying access to that data. Modern attackers may also exfiltrate data prior to encrypting it, adding the second threat of a data breach or extortion to the equation. 

    Presidio proposes the Ransomware Readiness Assessment to establish confidence about your cybersecurity position as it relates to ransomware.

    • Information system security design, architecture, and controls
    • Wireless network and mobile device security
    • Security review of key applications
    • System and service enumeration
    • Vulnerability identification 

    Presidio Mitigation Kit - Reduce Your Risks from Ransomware
    Presidio Ransomware Mitigation (PDF) >>

    Whether your enterprise infrastructure is on-premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment, the ramifications of a ransomware attack can be enormous, from data loss to financial loss and worse, reputation and trust.

    This multi-faceted approach orchestrates powerful protections to help rapidly secure the environment. The Ransomware Mitigation Kit synchronizes industry leading products and services to detect, prevent, isolate, and recover the IT environment, saving both time and additional cost.

    • Quickly detect and prevent attacks
    • Swiftly respond and mitigate attacks
    • Reduce recovery time objectives and support recovery point objectives
    • Gain comprehensive visibility, discovery, mitigation, and recovery for on-prem, hybrid or cloud deployments
    • Isolate compromised systems and recovery of operations to a cost-effective instance in the cloud with minimal impact
    • Simplify implementation
    • Gain operational efficiency improvements
    • Close the skills gap for hard-to-find cloud security resources

    Structured Implementation

    • The Presidio Ransomware Workshop: The Workshop provides actionable insights into security misconfigurations and deviations from NIST-CSF recommended cloud, hybrid and on-prem security architectures to help clients prevent, detect, and recover from breaches.
    • Crowdstrike: A powerful endpoint protection platform empowered by a cloud-scale AE, with unified next-generation antivirus, endpoint detection and response (EDR), IT hygiene, and a 24/7 managed hunting service – all delivered via a single lightweight agent with minimal performance impact.
    • The AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery Services: AWS’ Disaster Recovery Services continuously replicate machines into a low-cost staging area in the target AWS account and preferred region.
    • Presidio Layered Orchestration: Orchestration takes data from CrowdStrike in the event of a breach, automatically identifies clean AWS DRS checkpoints, and allows the administrator to use “one-click” to continue operations, while remediation is taking place on the infected machines. This multi-faceted approach orchestrates powerful protections to help rapidly secure the environment. The Ransomware Mitigation Kit synchronizes industry leading products and services to detect, prevent, isolate, and recover the IT environment, saving both time and additional cost.

    Crowdstrike Falcon Complete XDR Logo

    Crowdstrike Falcon Complete XDR Datasheet (PDF) >>

    CrowdStrike Falcon® Complete XDR provides 24/7 expert-driven management, threat hunting, monitoring, investigation and response across customers’ attack surface to stop breaches. With native and third-party telemetry ingestion, customers benefit from better cross-domain visibility and end-to-end remediation to eradicate threats holistically and efficiently.

    Falcon Complete XDR offers customers implementation, platform management, response and remediation services for advanced threats without the burden, overhead or costs of deploying and managing a 24/7 threat detection and response function on their own.

    • 24/7 managed security operations
    • Prioritized, actionable detections and security insights without any downtime
    • Comprehensive threat visibility across the security stack
    • Advanced protection with proactive threat hunting and native threat intelligence
    • Rapid response actions against sophisticated attacks, enriched with first- and third-party telemetry

    On the Request for Quote, Purchase Order, and all vendor communication, reference contract number: WSIPC RFP 23-02.

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