Qmlativ Tools to Help Your School Through the COVID-19 Pandemic

Apr 09, 20


Get the most out of Qmlativ!

Check out the many ways Qmlativ can help you “do more from a distance”— teaching, time tracking, training, and more.

Student Tools

  • MESSAGE CENTER - Administrators and teachers alike can communicate with students and parents. There will be a record of these communications right inside your SIS for reporting purposes.
  • FAMILY/STUDENT ACCESS - Keep parents and students up-to-date with Family and Student Access. Stay on track with grade alerts, course requests, and more from the comfort of your home.
  • GRADEBOOK/ONLINE ASSIGNMENTS - Don’t stress over paper homework. Build custom assignments that students can take online, no physical copies required. Once assignments are completed, the quick scoring method saves teachers time and clicks.
  • ONLINE FORMS - Keep families safe at home by collecting information you need from parents online, all while saving stamps and paper.
  • ONE ROSTER/LMS API - With this option, you can push data out easier than ever before. Quickly add vendors to your API Access list and they should have all the information they need.
  • IMPORTER/EXPORTER - Are your systems fully connected? Use importer/exporter to move student data from one system to another. These tools are linked to the report designer, where you can use either a pre-built interface or create your own.
  • ONLINE ENROLLMENT/REGISTRATION - Parents/guardians can’t physically come to the school office to fill out enrollment for next year. Take the stress away by ensuring your Online Registration process is smooth for both sides.

    *New Student Enrollment (NSE) is available to Cooperative member districts at no additional cost through May 2020. Learn more here.
  • CONFERENCES - Students and parents can sign up for time slots to connect with teachers to discuss questions or concerns. Time slots can also be used for NSE (New Student Enrollment) applicants who would like to meet with an office administrator to verify residency, enrollment, and more.
  • MOBILE APP - No matter where you are, you can stay in the loop with the Mobile App. Whether you’re enjoying a walk or have to head to the store during isolation, enjoy easy access to any information you need.

Business/HR Tools

  • TIME TRACKING - Clock in online or use the mobile app to record time worked, instead of emailing hours to supervisors or payroll staff. Save time while payroll entries automatically generate from approved timesheets.
  • PROJECT/GRANT - Keep track of COVID-19 expenses for purchase orders, invoices, cash receipts, journal entries, and more.
  • PURCHASE ORDERS - Save time and paper by submitting purchase orders electronically, instead of with physical forms.
  • EXPENSE REIMBURSEMENT - Electronically submit expense reimbursements through Employee Access instead of submitting paper forms. Managers can review details and approve from anywhere, keeping the process quick and transparent.

To learn more about any of the resources discussed above, contact your Information Service Center.

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