New Student Online Enrollment is Available to You at No Cost!

Mar 31, 20

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Districts everywhere are facing a difficult challenge: how to enroll new students while schools are closed.

To help our districts meet this challenge, WSIPC is providing New Student Online Enrollment (for SMS) and New Student Enrollment (for Qmlativ) at no additional cost (to Cooperative districts that do not use these modules), through April and May 2020.

SMS 2.0 New Student Online Enrollment (NSOE)

SMS 2.0 New Student Online Enrollment (NSOE) is incredibly easy for parents and staff to use. From a district’s website, parents simply click enroll new student. Instructions are provided to show how to fill out demographic information as well as any custom forms the district needs. Once the information is entered, the registrar can review it and complete enrollment.

    Learn more in this 2-minute video.

    NSOE Video

    You can find the WSIPC Guide to NSOE on SkyDoc (WSIPC \ (00) WSIPC Educational Materials \ (SM) Student Management \ (NS) New Student Online Enrollment \ (GU) Guides).

    Qmlativ New Student Enrollment (NSE)

    Qmlativ New Student Enrollment (NSE) makes the process of enrolling a student incredibly efficient. Custom enrollment forms, personalized workflow, and an online application process combine to reduce the need for paper processes and the one-to-one management of enrollment. Parents and Registrars alike will find NSE a simple and effortless experience.

    Learn more in this 2-minute video.

    NSE Video

    You can find self-paced training for NSE in the Professional Development Center (click Knowledge Hub near the top right of your screen in Qmlativ).

    We’re dedicated to finding solutions that will help you manage day-to-day tasks while schools are closed and beyond.

    To activate the SMS NSOE module or the Qmlativ NSE module (and for a quote for use of the module past May 2020), contact your Information Service Center.

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