Mukilteo – Founding Cooperative Member and Qmlativ Trailblazer

Jan 29, 20

Mukilteo Student

Mukilteo School District migrated to Qmlativ Student at the beginning of the 2018-19 school year. As the first large district in the WSIPC Cooperative to migrate, we were eager to find out about Mukilteo’s experience during their first year on Qmlativ.

We sat down with the Technology Services department to learn about their experience with Qmlativ so far.

Being a Part of the WSIPC Cooperative

As one of the founding member districts in the WSIPC Cooperative, we have a long history of support and collaboration with WSIPC. As a Cooperative member, we receive the benefits of an entire team of software experts who help guide best practices and our end user training, as well as providing us with a voice in the ever-changing software design and development cycle with Skyward.

Being a member of the Cooperative also means we have access to a high quality annual conference (WASWUG) that provides excellent educational and networking opportunities.

The Cooperative also has a significant voice at the CEDARS stakeholders table and since State Reporting is a core element of the product, we are confident that the software reporting keeps us compliant.

Migrating to Qmlativ

The support from WSIPC during our conversion and migration was outstanding. WSIPC was by our side throughout the entire “adventure” during the Qmlativ migration from another vendor’s SIS! Throughout each challenge, we are well supported by the WSIPC team, especially when it comes to escalating issues to Skyward. We have felt very good about the resources and discussions, and WSIPC always makes us feel that our success is their top priority.

WSIPC Support and Communication

Launching Qmlativ has been a collaborative effort and a new learning experience for all. WSIPC has honored our experience with the new system and worked together with us to resolve issues. In the early days of implementation, they offered sessions for staff to come together for more intensive training/support with IEP Online and report building.

Qmlativ and Day-to-day District Operations

We’ve been extremely pleased with Qmlativ. It’s fast, modern, streamlined user interface makes managing student data a breeze. Our end users have found Qmlativ to be easy to learn right from the beginning, and feedback from teachers has been very positive with much improved attendance and grading processes. The State Reporting, specifically CEDARS, interface and functionality is a game changer. The CEDARS interface allows for quick, efficient data validation and troubleshooting.

Most Helpful Features

List views throughout the system allow users to customize the data they need by using filters and views. These lists allow the staff in the trenches to more easily access data. The student list functionality of creating district views has allowed us to create data lists at the district level that provide quick access to school staff. A great example of this is the Privacy Rights with Photos list. In 2-3 clicks, school staff can quickly see which students cannot have their photos released, providing an easy to download list to hand off to teachers, photographers, administrators, etc.

Security groups and roles are easier to manage, and the software allows integration with our existing LDAP configuration so logging into the system is seamless for our end users. Also worth mentioning are the built in Skyward Knowledge Hub, Community site, and Product Ideas area that offer quick access to instructions, resources, training webinars, and a direct voice to Skyward if you have a product improvement idea.

Would You Recommend Qmlativ to Another District?

Yes, I would certainly recommend Qmlativ to another district. It has a very user-friendly layout, with consistent layout and design across all modules (Administrative Access, Teacher Access, Student Access, Family Access).

After using four different SIS systems in the past 27 years in Mukilteo, we are finding Qmlativ very intuitive, easy to navigate once you learn your way, and a very powerful tool in our district.

About WSIPC and Qmlativ

WSIPC is a non-profit public agency that provides technology solutions (including Qmlativ), services, and support to K-12 schools. WSIPC’s purpose is to help schools do more with every dollar and to empower them with the tools to work smarter. To learn how your district can become part of the WSIPC Cooperative, contact us at or 425.349.6600.

The Qmlativ Education Management System is a comprehensive, web-based system, encompassing two product suites (Student and Business). Qmlativ offers a wide variety of applications that holistically manage the daily operations of your district or school.

Want to learn more about WSIPC or Qmlativ?

Contact us at or 425.349.6600.

Or come to our WASWUG Spring conference in Bellevue (March 8 – 10). We have over 50 sessions dedicated to Qmlativ, from overviews to deep dives.

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