Introducing Translation Flat Rate Pricing from PCG!

Jul 06, 23

Flat rate

Introducing Translation Flat Rate Pricing from PCG!

PCG and WSIPC are excited to announce a new pricing option for Translation called Flat Rate Pricing. This pricing option includes unlimited pages, unlimited users, and a one-time flat rate fee which will be invoiced once per contract/school year. The Flat Rate Pricing option includes the same $750 start-up cost as the Per Page Pricing option, but it removes the per page pricing and sets a fixed rate for the school year.

Benefits of Flat Rate Pricing:

  • Greater budget controls for Translation
  • Targeted annual billing
  • Reduced monitoring of product usage
  • Increased staff access to Translation without the need for administrative assistance
  • Overall increase in product usage to better support students and families

Flat Rate Pricing for districts is calculated using the district’s November Federal Special Education Child Count, the district’s ELL (English Language Learner) percentage, the average number of pages generated per student annually (30 average pages per year), and the current price per page.* A 20% discount is then applied.

*Current price per page is $5 for WSIPC Cooperative Members and $6 for non-members. 100 page or $500 minimum required for Flat Rate Pricing option.

For districts currently using the Translation Per Page Pricing option, there is no additional start-up cost to switch to the Flat Rate Pricing option. The one-time $750 start-up cost is for new Translation customers only.

If you have any questions about Flat Rate Pricing or the Translation Flat Rate for the 23-24 school year for your district, contact Kris Gregoire at

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