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Public Consulting Group (PCG)

For over fifteen years, Public Consulting Group (PCG) has partnered with WSIPC and Washington school districts to provide services and software solutions, including IEP Online, to the K-12 educational marketplace. 

Now, we are pleased to partner with WSIPC to offer the leading case management system for both Behavioral Threat Assessments (featuring the Salem-Keizer Cascade model) and Suicide Risk Assessments.

PCG's mission is to provide teachers and administrators with pragmatic, easy-to-use solutions to help manage and report on their daily processes while making data-driven decisions to ensure success for their students.

IEP Online for Special Education and 504 
IEP Online is available with Washington State compliance rules and a standard set of special education and 504 forms already in place. The centrally hosted implementation of IEP Online provides the software to school districts at a discounted price and is made available through a partnership of WSIPC. The program allows for multiple implementation options, including an option for districts that are not members of WSIPC. 
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Behavioral Threat Assessment 
PCG's robust BTA solution fully supports Level 1 Site-Based Assessment and Level 2 Community-Based Assessment protocols used in behavioral threat assessment. The system was designed in close consultation with John Van Dreal to fully support the Salem-Keizer Cascade Student Threat Assessment model. Additionally, the common intake form enables staff to assess Threats to Others and/or Threats to Self, using proven methods to inquire, assess, document and manage students with concerning behaviors.
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IEP Online Translation 
IEP Online Translation is a cost-effective tool that empowers districts and schools to provide student documentation to parents in their native language. Now teachers can instantly produce translated IEPs, 504s, and other education documents for families in advance of, and immediately following meetings.
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Medicaid Claiming & Billing 

PCG provides clients with a comprehensive service and time-saving technology. Integrating Internet and mobile technology solutions, clinicians can easily and conveniently document services at any time without the need for scanner forms and paper logs. PCG partners with districts and schools for full service Medicaid claiming services.

EDPlan Progress Track™ 
EDPlan Progress Track, our web-based progress monitoring tool, can be used with IEP Online to provide teachers with simple data collection on IEP goals to proactively facilitate problem solving, enhance student learning, and improve educational outcomes. Administrators can also analyze their student achievements and areas of concern district-wide, by school, by groups of students, and by teacher, to help determine if they need to assist their teachers by offering alternative methods and/or approaches to achieve student success.
EDPlan Progress Track Data Sheet PDF >>

IEP Online Connect Parent Portal 
IEP Online Connect is a comprehensive online portal designed to help districts, administrators, and educators promote family involvement in a child’s education. With IEP Online Connect, caregivers have a centralized, secure place to access student records online in their native language, review and sign documents, and save time through a user-friendly tool. 
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EDPlan Insight Data Analytics System 
EDPlan Insight is an intuitive technology platform designed to encourage and support a district-wide culture of data use focused on special education, from the school building, support services, and up to the district office. The platform provides special education district staff a ‘one-stop-shopping’ experience for accessing school and student-related data (visualizations analysis and reports) accessible on most any device in near real-time.
EDPlan Insight Data Sheet PDF >>

Equipment Online for Assistive Technology Tracking 
IEP Online’s Equipment Online provides an integrated module to track, monitor, and assign equipment, such as assistive technology, hardware, software, or other devices, throughout the district. Information is stored historically for both equipment and students to track equipment throughout its life cycle in the district. Equipment Online is available to entire school districts or specifically for Special Education assistive technology.

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