Engage Remote and In-class Learners with Live, Interactive Instruction!

May 03, 21

Students Learning Remotely

Many schools have migrated to a hybrid model of teaching and learning. To help students and educators adapt, there is a pressing need for technologies that provide seamless interactivity and collaboration between teachers, in-class students, and remote students.

With technologies like live streaming, education is no longer confined to the four walls of the classroom. A distinct advantage of live streaming is that it helps to remove geographic barriers to learning, empowering students to expand their reach by interacting not just with their remote and in-class peers and teachers, but also with other students, mentors, and contacts from around the world.

Challenges for Students:

  • Engaging with their teacher or instructor during class time
  • Staying engaged during asynchronous learning
  • Developing a sense of school community and their place in it

Challenges for Teachers:

  • Streaming while monitoring remote students
  • Conveying course material in a dynamic way
  • Managing technical issues during live instruction
  • Providing a consistent experience by delivering audibly and visually rich content to all students regardless of their locations

Challenges for IT:

  • Providing enough bandwidth to deliver reliable, consistent, real-time streaming access
  • Managing and maintaining security

With WSIPC’s Purchasing Program partner Dell, you can implement a live streaming solution that addresses these challenges head on.

Dell helps empower educators to transform how they teach and how students learn with next-generation live streaming solutions for education.

Click here to learn about the products Dell offers through WSIPC’s Purchasing Program

Or contact Susan Bocanegra, Inside Account Manager, 512.513.8851, susan.bocanegra@dell.com.

Check Out Dell’s Live Streaming Guide!
Dell has put together a guide to live streaming, including technology considerations, live streaming configurations for your classroom, and tips on how to manage the live streaming experience. Click here to view Dell’s live streaming guide.

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