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Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies is committed to helping educators transform the education system to ensure students develop the knowledge, skills, and dispositions they need to succeed in an increasingly digital world and a globally competitive workforce. As a leading provider of technology and services to schools, Dell Technologies listens to and works with students, educators, administrators, parents and community members around the world to bring an outcomes driven approach to transform learning.

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Dell Technologies has a complete portfolio of products from Laptops, 2-in-1 PCs, Chromebooks, Tablets, Desktops, All-in-Ones, Monitors, Computer Accessories and much more to complete your data center with servers, storage and networking.

To place an order with a credit card:

To place an order with a PO:

  • Visit the Dell Technologies/WSIPC portal
  • Add to the cart 
  • Follow directions to save as an eQuote when finished shopping. 
  • Once you have saved the equote, send the equote to your Dell sales rep so they can get you a formal quote based on your configuration. 
  • After you receive the new quote, you can use that quote to submit to your purchasing department. 

If you do not know your Dell sales rep, please contact Susan Bocanegra at

Dell Technologies/WSIPC portal

Susan Bocanegra
Inside Account Manager

(512) 513-8851

Cindy Goforth
Account Executive

(425) 247-8041

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