A Better ERP Experience

Because your people are your greatest asset.

The central office is home to the unsung heroes of education. A better experience for your students starts right here, behind the scenes.

Focus on Culture

Hire smarter. Onboard faster. Develop high-performers.

Your mission starts with your people, so why not surround yourself with the very best? Attract, retain, and develop the very best talent.

Lead by Example
  • Is your leadership team still leaning on spreadsheets? With Administrator Access, it has never been easier to manage the responsibilities of management.
  • Visibility is the key to effective leadership. Base your coaching conversations on solid data, not just observation.
Remove Red Tape
  • Nobody enjoys bureaucracy. By automating your workflows and approval processes, you can remove a major source of frustration for your employees.
  • Reduce steps needed for core tasks such as reporting, reimbursement, and payroll. Fewer hoops to jump through mean a happier, more productive team.
Nurture and Grow
  • From a smooth onboarding process to ongoing development opportunities, you can be sure that your team will feel welcome, challenged, and supported.
  • Self-service, multimedia, and just-in-time help options build staff confidence and drastically reduce troubleshooting calls to your IT staff.

Clock Out From Risk

Trust your data. Institute controls. Mitigate fraud.

From honest mistakes to malicious intent, no school or district is immune from risk. But there’s plenty you can do to stay protected and compliant.

Track Time, Save Time
  • Did you know that the average organization’s payroll error rate is 1.2%? Stop overpayment with an accurate, electronic timekeeping solution.
  • Live tiles show real-time stats, charts and graphs make data easy to consume, and custom reports mean you’ll be looking at what matters to you.

    Stay Audit-Ready
    • Built-in electronic paper trails make it easy to track and identify all changes to historical records.
    • Preparations for a SOC 2 Type 1 audit are in place to ensure ongoing data security.

    Leave Compliance to Us
    • Built-in reports and safeguards remove the burden of staying compliant with state and federal requirements.
    • You’ll have a dedicated team of specialists monitoring the guidelines in your state,
      so you can stay ahead of any changes.

    Make Informed Decisions

    Actionable analytics. Real-time numbers. Fiscal transparency.

    The business office is changing. It’s always been a numbers-driven world, but now the name of the game is using data to be more effective at what you do.

    Trust the Dashboard
    • In speaking with school business leaders, we have found the most common need to be a more accessible and visually appealing presentation of vital KPIs.
    • Manage your priorities. Customize your layout. Review up-to-date graphs, charts, and live data counts from the moment you log in.
    Report On Everything
    • The benefit of a built-in report writer means you don’t need to know how to program to get beautiful, easy-to-read reports.
    • Add and report on custom fields, brand the layout, and present information directly from the system, without the need for formatting or design work.
    Stay Ahead of Staffing
    • Fraud isn’t the only risk you face. Staffing issues can bring your productivity to a halt. With personnel forecasting, you’ll be prepared when turnover strikes.
    • Focus your succession planning on leadership skills over technical savvy. Our mastery and certification options can prevent the pitfalls of knowledge risk. 

    Expect More

    Employee Portal
    • Employee Access
    • Online Forms
    • Expense Reimbursement
    Fiscal Management
    • Asset Tracking
    • Project Accounting
    • Purchasing
    • Credit Card Management
    Human Resources
    • Personnel Forecasting
    • Supervisor Access
    • Benefit Management
    • Position Management
    Payroll & Time
    • Time Tracking
    • Payroll
    • ACA Compliance