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ZAVTEK, Inc. is the Northwest's largest independent provider of backup power technologies and services for the educational community. From small data closets to the largest data centers and facilities, ZAVTEK has everything you'll need to power, protect, cool, and monitor every aspect of your critical power infrastructure. ZAVTEK also services everything we sell and are proud members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers union.

UPS Systems
Uninterruptible Power Supplies enable School Districts to maintain power to the devices they protect when utility power goes out. From telephones to computers to data networks, UPS systems protect the schools most critical loads in their facilities and data centers. Several models and sizes are available including rack mount, tower and wall mount.

When power goes out, UPS backup batteries keep power on long enough to engage generator backup power. If generators are not utilized, UPS batteries can provide extended run-times for protection of the school’s critical business servers, point of sale equipment, telephones, and data networks.

Power Distribution Products
Power distribution products are designed to deliver power from the Utility to the school’s facility and data center outlets in a safe and reliable manner. Administrators and facility managers have access to a large variety of products to safely route and monitor power to where it is needed. Products include Transformers, Main Distribution Switchboards and Switchgear, ATS Systems, PLC Controlled Switchgear, Distribution Panels & Breakers, PDU Systems, STS Systems, Maintenance Bypass Systems, Overhead Buss Way Power Distribution, Rack Mounted Power Distribution, and STS Units. DC power distribution products such as Rectifier Systems, Battery Systems, and DC Overhead Bus-way are also available.

Server Cabinets
Active server cabinets not only provide enclosed protection, but also allow for active airflow to keep servers from overheating. The active cabinets available are designed with optional air flow pressure sensors that only use energy when needed, saving significant money and resources.

Airflow & Cooling Systems
Airflow and cooling evacuates heat from small rooms or closets and sends it to the outside corridor or ceiling plenum return. These units allow the closet to breathe which leads to a perfectly controlled environment for small computer and network rooms using building air.

Facility and Data Center Monitoring Products
Monitoring of critical facility and data center systems and components allows managers to verify that their systems are working properly and notifies them via text, e-mail, or other alarms if anything is operating outside of normal parameters. From a single computer screen, users can quickly see the details and exact location of the problem so actions can be taken to address the issue.

When power outages occur, the generator senses the interruption and switches all critical power loads from the school district’s facility or data center to backup power until utility power is restored.

Services Offered

  • Preventative Maintenance Services - Preventative maintenance of school and administration facilities backup power equipment is essential to ensure constant protection of critical data and electrical loads. State licensed and trained union technicians will perform scheduled and systematic inspections of the district’s equipment with the primary goal of preventing equipment failure. Preventative maintenance procedures are also designed to preserve equipment reliability and enhance efficiency while limiting costly downtime. Every preventative maintenance service is documented in the accompanying scopes of work which are presented to the customer in a comprehensive field service report.
  • Remedial Service (Parts Removal & Replacement) - When components fail or reach the end of their useful life, they can be replaced by scheduling a remedial service visit at a time convenient for the customer.

Professional Services
Pricing includes 20% discount per hour.

  • Training
  • Electrical Services
  • Design Services
  • Power Analysis Services

Project-related Professional Services include a site visit and walkthrough to capture scope of work to outline all project requirements and deliverables.

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