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Upland FileBound is a secure process automation and document management solution that K-12 school districts nationwide use to reduce operational expenses while eliminating inefficiencies – and by doing so, they gain time to focus on work that really matters – their students.

FileBound’s centralized records repository is disaster-proof and adheres to federal compliance and retention standards. Whether through premise or cloud-hosted implementations, we empower K-12 professionals to effortlessly manage the time-consuming, manual processes involved in managing a district and providing high-value services to their students. In all, we help free up time and resources, allowing you to focus on district needs.

Upland Software, Inc. is an Awarded Vendor of WSIPC RFP 18-01 Workflow Management Solutions. Reference WSIPC Contract 18-01 to receive contract pricing.

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By connecting K-12 staff with the information they need to work more efficiently, FileBound’s cloud-native document and process automation solutions deliver clever, innovative results that help staff work faster and smarter. Our agile products help districts to modernize the way they plan, manage, and execute the work they do and the services they provide to students and their families. We help districts simplify central office processes, so they can spend less time processing paper, and more time focusing on providing services that help their students thrive.

FileBound's suite of K-12 solutions – including both Student and School Management Solutions - include a robust list of automation capabilities. Our Student Solutions set includes enrollment and registration, transcript requests, online permission forms, student safety and intervention, student records, and more. Our School Management Solutions help with internal school requests, volunteer and staff approvals, audit and compliance tasks, onboarding and training, disaster recovery, and other central office processes.

Grant your district staff the time they need to focus on the crucial pieces of education – like student success.

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