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Tools4ever is dedicated to developing and implementing affordable Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) solutions - User Provisioning, Password Management, Single Sign-On (SSO), Self‐Service, Workflow Management, and more.

With more than 5 million verified users across the globe, Tools4ever's solutions help deliver the best possible education experience by connecting students, teachers, and staff to all the resources they require, right when they need them.

IAM - New Identity and Access Governance Solution
IAM is Tools4ever’s central Identity and Access Management solution, combining user account management, provisioning, delegation, and Access Governance (AG) capabilities. IAM revolves around each individual’s specific identity – termed the “Core Identity” – to drive all processes, from account creation, provisioning, and downstream synchronizing, to resource requests and disabling inactive users. The “Core Identity” does not use any individual’s personally identifiable information (PII).

Access Governance auto-manages user’s individual access rights to resources and file system locations, modeling and setting authorizations according to user’s roles (student, teacher, system administrator, etc.). IAM features reporting and logging capabilities for gathering intelligence on user accounts and activity as well as supporting security and compliance efforts.

  • Manage all district identities – compiled from non-sensitive SIS, HR, and other source data for students, teachers, and staff – in a central dashboard with configurable logic
  • Synchronize all source systems with AD and downstream to SSO, cloud resources, and applications such as G Suite, PowerSchool, and Office 365
  • Automate user account lifecycle processes and reduce helpdesk backlog with out-of-the-box delegation apps and web forms for entitlement requests
  • Provision baseline entitlements and disable inactive users accordingly for students and staff with near-real-time Access Governance
  • Flexibility to suit varied district environments – such as giving teachers the ability to reset their students' passwords or linking both a regular and privileged account to an individual system administrator.
  • Help ensure security and compliance with reporting and logging capabilities for monitoring activity, gathering intelligence, and compiling audit trails

HelloID Single Sign-On (SSO)
HelloID is Tools4ever’s cloud-based SSO solution developed to provide system administrators with centralized access management and end users with streamlined access to resources via a single login. HelloID connects with over 300 applications, Learning Tools, Learning Management Systems, and other education and operational resources.

HelloID integrates with Active Directory (AD), Chromebooks, Tools4ever’s Self-Service solutions, and more. Integration with AD supports just-in-time provisioning upon first login, setting up each SSO account to mirror the attributes and groups given to the user’s AD account. With Chromebook integration enabled, HelloID’s login replaces Google’s prompt (unless Google accounts are used in place of AD for students). Self-service options like password resets help cut down on helpdesk backlog.

All of a user’s activity within HelloID is tracked and logged to help compile audit trails for security and compliance efforts. Additional security features such as access policies, proxy servers, and multi-factor authentication, provide additional security.

  • One Login, One Portal, Any App
  • Chromebook SSO integration for one-stop access
  • Just-in-time SSO provisioning via AD integration - including user attributes and groups at the very first login
  • 300+ apps and learning resources – with rapid setup for new apps and connectors even for those without contemporary SSO support (via SAML, Form Post, etc.)
  • Configurable security features including access policies, multifactor authentication, RADIUS server integration, proxy servers, and more
  • Monitor login attempts and user activity for security and compliance efforts

Self-Service Reset Password Manager (SSRPM)
SSRPM is Tools4ever’s self-service solution enabling end users to securely reset their password. Users can reset their passwords at any time after having answered secure challenge and response questions to authenticate themselves. SSRPM reduces calls to the helpdesk by providing a solution for one of the most common support ticket requests, and helps eliminate the downtime that accrues while waiting for assistance. Users access SSRPM by clicking on the “I have forgotten my password” link presented in any login screen or via a web form.

  • Reduce helpdesk calls by as much as 90%
  • Decrease instructional and user downtime
  • Authenticated resets with secure challenge and response questions
  • Fast and easy implementation
  • Multiplatform support and integration with HelloID, AD, PSM, and more
  • Integration with HelloID to support “Claim Account” process

Password Synchronization Manager (PSM)
PSM is Tools4ever’s product that allows an end user to synchronize all of their downstream application credentials to be the same password as their SSO login. Whenever an end user resets their password, PSM ensures that all connected system and application passwords are reset to the new credentials for easy remembrance and accessibility.

  • Reduce helpdesk calls
  • Increase user convenience
  • Decrease instructional and user downtime
  • Multiplatform support and integration with HelloID and SSRPM

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