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We provide peace of mind with security solutions that work!

Security Solutions NW has been in business since 1904. Our knowledgeable salespeople come alongside our customers with expertise to help design and execute a solution for their security or fire system needs. 

We have experienced and licensed technicians that can execute on time and on budget. 

We exist to provide peace of mind for our customers with security and fire solutions that work.

On the Request for Quote, Purchase Order, and all vendor communication, reference contract number: WSIPC RFP 22-05.

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On the Request for Quote, Purchase Order, and all vendor communication, reference contract number: WSIPC RFP 22-05.

Video Surveillance, Access Control, and Intrusion Products Available from Security Solutions Northwest. 

Certified installers for all manufacturers listed below:

Avigilon Control Center (ACC) 

Easy-to-use IP video management software for enterprise-level clients. ACC allows for numerous camera manufacturers to use in their software. They have many software advantages focused around next-generation analytics. We have installed many Avigilon ACC systems in schools throughout Western Washington. Avigilon also sells a line of IP cameras, which allow for superior integration with the ACC software and the ability to use their complete offering of facial recognition and appearance search technology.

Avigilon Access Control Manager (ACM) 

Physical access control system for enterprise-class installations designed to protect people, property, and assets. ACM has advanced alarm and identity management that provides superior control of access to facilities. ACM's browser-based solution offers the flexibility to respond to alerts from anywhere. Its unification with ACC video management software provides a powerful, end-to-end security solution to monitor and secure sites.

Axis Communications 

Manufacturer of IP video cameras and equipment, Axis Communications has a wide range of cameras to fit any installation. Axis has built and maintained an excellent reputation in the industry. They offer various camera types, with resolutions to fit any budget. Axis cameras work with all Video Management Platforms that Security Solutions Northwest offers. Axis provides single sensor and multi-sensor camera options.

Genetec Security Center "Omnicast" 

IP video management software that allows more integrations than many competitors. Genetec's Omnicast open platform supports thousands of camera models from over 100 manufacturers. Omnicast scales to meet the customer's needs and allows analytics of 3rd party hardware to manage video events smarter. Omnicast is designed to grow your system over time, with the capacity to cover multiple schools in one platform. Genetec Security Center "Synergis" is an IP access control system built around securing facilities while utilizing non-proprietary hardware choices. From single-building installations to complex multi-site deployments, Synergis is engineered to handle the needs of growing organizations, including managing cardholders and visitors, printing badges, and running investigations.

OpenEye Web Services 

Scalable, secure video surveillance solution that simplifies operations and management by moving these functions to the cloud. Combining the performance and reliability of local recording with the convenience and flexibility of the cloud, OpenEye produces a greater return on your investment, saves you time, and provides a more straightforward, more secure surveillance solution. OpenEye offers its own branded cameras and other manufacturers on its software platform.

Hanwha Cameras 

Manufacturer of IP video cameras and equipment, Hanwha offers many camera features and video analytics to aid in alerting operators to abnormal activities in real-time. Hanwha cameras work with all Video Management Platforms that Security Solutions Northwest offers. They offer a variety of single-sensor and multi-sensor cameras in different resolutions.

Verkada "Command" Software 

Cloud-based video management platform. Verkada is a fully integrated hardware and software solution that offers hybrid cloud cameras for onboard storage and edge-based processing. Verkada has invested in machine learning to trigger alerts. Verkada's Command platform is scalable to thousands of cameras and multiple sites. One of Verkada's strengths is using onboard camera storage to eliminate the need for a local video server. Verkada "Command" Software is also used for their access control to manage doors, credentials, and users across sites at ease with global access and active directory integrations. Verkada is used to strengthen school safety and simplify security management while safeguarding student privacy. Verkada Command seamlessly manages camera and access control in one software system.

Maxxess "InSite" System

Awareness and response coordination system. Maxxess InSite harnesses the power of various system technologies, expanding their collective capabilities well beyond traditionally integrated solutions. In doing so, Maxxess InSite provides security and operations management with total situational awareness, allowing them to coordinate the activities of first responders and the people they are protecting with the information they need to know in an emergency. In addition to dramatically improving overall safety and security, Maxxess InSite increases users' Return on Investment (ROI) with lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by eliminating the need to rip out and replace legacy systems and infrastructure.

Bosch Security System  

Intelligent intrusion detection system. Bosch offers modern Internet appliances that easily integrate with access control, building automation, IP video, and more. Bosch security systems are widely used in schools across the country and are known for their award-winning technology, reliability, ease of use, and integrated solutions that are backed by superior support.

On the Request for Quote, Purchase Order, and all vendor communication, reference contract number: WSIPC RFP 22-05.

Jamie Vos
Security Solutions Northwest

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