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LONG Building Technologies is one of the largest systems integrators in the western United States, providing product and services in facilities and security solutions across eight states (Alaska, Colorado, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming). LONG is best defined by the way we treat our customers – the heart of our business. LONG Building Technologies client references are available upon request.

LONG Building Technologies launched their facility solutions business in 1965 and currently supports open protocols, open distributions, and open platforms. LONG also provides data driven services-leveraging powerful analytics, security solutions launched in 2008, and deploys state of the art access control, video management, and intrusion detection systems. LONG has become the largest security integrator in the region, supporting S2 Security and boasting the most comprehensive compliment of certified security technicians. The educational sector remains a strong focus market. LONG is currently working with many of the K-12 School Districts on making their districts safer, more energy efficient, and more productive.

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LONG’s partnership with Facilities and Security Solutions provides schools with the following tools to maintain and secure their buildings.

School Building Clean Air Solutions

We are all looking for ways to stay safe, secure, and healthy as we move towards getting students back in the classroom. It is more important than ever to look at how the indoor air quality can be improved to help reduce potential transmission of particulates in the air.

Technology called “ionization” can support you and your district’s proactive measures to ensure this healthy indoor air quality.

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, with a product that is virtually maintenance free, fast, and affordable to install, all while saving energy.

Access Control Systems

Access control systems give school administrators the ability to limit access to and monitor their schools. A single person can monitor the school from a central location 24/7.

Benefits include:

  • View and respond to door alarms
  • View integrated surveillance video
  • Lock down the school
  • Receive alerts when certain doors are open
  • Receive notification when a door is propped open or is open for a long time

Video Management Systems

Video management systems are a key component of surveillance that give school administrators peace of mind and the ability to see what is going on in their schools.

Benefits include:

  • Cameras viewable in real-time, collect and export video
  • Integration of recording devices for remote viewing
  • Send notifications based on motion detection alarms
  • Self-configure dynamic display to easily view multiple feeds, signage, digital images, and campus videos simultaneously using the Magic Monitor software

Mobile Security Management

Mobile security management products assist school officials with monitoring and managing their security system remotely.

Benefits include:

  • Utilization of Mobile Security Officer App for a fast and convenient way to operate and oversee access control and video management systems
  • Ability to change the threat level status instantly with the Threat Level Escalator App resulting in rapid emergency response

Building Automation and Lighting Control

Building Automation provides school administrators the ability to seamlessly integrate HVAC, Lighting, and other building systems. With Building Automation, administrators are provided with a truly open solution that creates a sustainable foundation for the life cycle of your building.

Benefits include:

  • Open standards provide cost-effective infrastructure for convergence with IT networks
  • Monitor, acknowledge, and review alarms with sophisticated alarm processing and routing, including e-mail and paging
  • Program, manage, and monitor your building automation system using a Web browser
  • Manage multi-site or campuses with one system
  • Building Analytics
    • Building Analytics gives school administrators the ability to identify potential energy related issues within their facilities. With Building Analytics, administrators can track and analyze their HVAC system’s data consumption.

Benefits include:

  • View potential energy deficiencies within an HVAC system
  • View costs associated with energy deficiencies
  • 24/7 remote access to HVAC system data through cloud storage
  • Reduction of occupant complaints
  • Improve equipment performance through fault detection

Other Security and Facility solutions LONG Provides

  • CCTV Cameras (various brands): collective system of cameras, video recorders, and video management software
  • Intercom Systems (various brands): interact with school visitors, students, and staff via voice and/or video
  • Network Management for Operational Technology (OT)

On the Request for Quote, Purchase Order and all vendor communication, reference contract number: WSIPC 18-05

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