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Founded in 2011, Ellevation is a software company focused exclusively on English Language Learners and the educators who serve them. 

Ellevation provides tools to over 1,000 school districts that streamline EL program management, improve teacher practice, increase student achievement and foster a district-wide culture of accountability for the success of multilingual learners. 

Ellevation is the leader in helping all stakeholders in K-12 school districts more easily meet EL program requirements and provide the best academic support to their multilingual learners. 

Reference contract number: WSIPC 21-01 on the PO for all orders

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  • Ellevation Platform is…our Data and Instructional Planning platform, which ensures that the key data and program information needed to meet diverse program requirements are in one convenient place - not multiple spreadsheets, folders and complicated data platforms. With Ellevation, district leaders have greater transparency into the success of their EL programs and can ensure a culture of accountability persists across the entire district. 
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  • Ellevation Strategies is…an effective and easy-to-use instructional resource that enables teachers to differentiate instruction for ELs in all grades and content areas. These research-based, best-practice activities represent powerful teaching techniques that make grade-level content accessible for ELs while engaging all students.  
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  • Ellevation Math online learning program designed specifically for English Learners in grades 3 - 9. It teaches academic vocabulary in context and offers comprehensible input so that students can better understand instruction and participate more meaningfully in class.  
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Reference contract number: WSIPC 21-01 on the PO for all orders

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