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Cerium Networks, Inc.

Extensive industry knowledge, proven experience, a wide array of certifications, and strategic partnerships with premier technology manufacturers, enable Cerium Networks to provide advanced solutions at the most competitive price.

A trusted technology partner to dozens of K-12 public and private schools and public agencies, Cerium Networks offers proactive managed services and dedicated IT support, user adoption and training services, and a wide range of consulting services, from network and security audits and assessment to planning, development, design, implementation, and integration services. Our long-term relationship with the K-12 community enables Cerium Networks to deliver solutions tailored to your specific needs, seamlessly integrated with your existing systems and aligned with your objectives.

Cerium Cybersecurity Professional Services

Penetration Testing

Our cybersecurity experts simulate real-world cyberattacks targeting educational environments, such as school district systems, networks, or applications, to uncover vulnerabilities and weaknesses. This specialized penetration testing aims to evaluate the security of your school district's IT infrastructure and its resilience against cyber threats, offering crucial insights that enable schools to enhance their cybersecurity posture. Our consulting services guide K-12 districts in proactively identifying and rectifying security vulnerabilities, significantly bolstering cyber defenses, and mitigating the risk of cyber incidents impacting the educational process.

Risk Posture Consulting

We specialize in helping K-12 school districts proactively identify, assess, and manage cybersecurity risks, leading to stronger security measures and a reduced likelihood of security incidents affecting educational continuity. Our Risk Posture Consulting for schools focuses on evaluating and managing your district's overall risk environment through comprehensive assessments, gap analyses, and strategic planning for incident response. This tailored approach ensures schools are better equipped to protect student and staff data and maintain a secure learning environment.

Network Security Consulting

Our security experts conduct in-depth assessments of K-12 school district network infrastructures to pinpoint vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and potential security gaps. Utilizing automated tools and manual inspections, our network security consulting services are designed to strengthen school districts' defenses against cyber threats, contributing to a more secure, reliable, and resilient network infrastructure essential for today's educational needs.

Incident Response Planning

Prepare your school district to effectively manage and recover from cybersecurity incidents with our targeted incident response planning services. Tailored for the educational sector, our approach includes:

  • Assembling an incident response team
  • Developing communication strategies
  • Conducting training sessions
  • Identifying necessary tools
  • Creating a comprehensive incident response plan

This proactive preparation helps schools minimize the impact of security incidents, reduce recovery time, and protect sensitive educational data.

Security Consulting—Standard Compliance

Our compliance consulting services are designed to help K-12 schools align their security protocols with recognized educational guidelines, best practices, and legal requirements. By focusing on standard compliance, we empower school districts to demonstrate their commitment to stringent security practices, reduce the risk of data breaches, and fulfill legal and regulatory obligations, ensuring a safe and secure educational environment for all students and staff.

Cisco Secure Managed Detection & Response

Cisco Managed Detection and Response (MDR) monitors and detects threats within school networks, cloud applications, and devices, ensuring a safe educational experience. Delivered by a team of elite researchers, investigators, and responders, Cisco MDR is bolstered by threat intelligence from Cisco Talos Intelligence Group, the world's leading nongovernmental threat intelligence team.

MDR leverages Cisco's world-class, integrated security architecture to advance your security capabilities, providing greater visibility across the network, cloud, and endpoints. The service delivers relevant and prioritized actions with expert guidance and effective automated response. The MDR security architecture includes Cisco Secure Endpoint, Cisco Secure Malware Analytics, Cisco Umbrella, and Cisco Secure Cloud Analytics (optional).

Druva SaaS-based Data Protection and Management

Druva is a leading SaaS platform that specializes in data resiliency. It offers secure, scalable, and cost-effective data protection, bridging the gap between security and backup for educational institutions. Druva's comprehensive data protection and management solutions are ideally suited for the dynamic and demanding data environments of K-12 school districts, offering a pathway to enhance data security, compliance, and efficiency within the educational landscape. Key features include backup, disaster recovery, cyber resilience, and more:

Druva for End User Workloads

Druva offers integrated backup, eDiscovery, and compliance monitoring to streamline data protection for students and staff, ensuring regulatory compliance and enhancing data visibility, even in mobile and remote learning environments.

Druva for Hybrid Workloads

Provides a comprehensive solution for backup, disaster recovery (DR), archival, and analytics. This all-in-one approach simplifies data protection, significantly lowers costs, and boosts data transparency within the intricate data ecosystems of K-12 schools.

Druva for SaaS Apps (Salesforce)

Gain control over your SaaS data. Enhance protection, reduce expenses, and ensure efficient recovery and archiving processes from a unified platform.

Druva Ransomware Protection & Recovery

Rapidly recover from ransomware incidents and minimize educational disruption. Advanced orchestration and automation features enable schools to swiftly restore operations post-attack.

Druva Backup Orchestration (CloudRanger)

CloudRanger simplifies the management of AWS cloud workloads for educational institutions by automating backups and disaster recovery processes. Manage backup and restoration across different regions, and AWS accounts through a single interface, reducing operational complexities and costs.

Druva Premium Support Services

Druva Premium Support offers faster response times and provides direct and immediate access to Senior Support Specialists for any support issues. This service ensures school districts maximize the benefits of their Druva investments, minimizing operational expenses and recurring issues and allowing schools to focus more on educational outcomes than IT challenges.

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