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BrightArrow Technologies Inc.

BrightArrow has been revolutionizing the way school districts keep their parents, students, and staff informed of informational or emergency notifications for over 20 years. BrightArrow offers a powerful, yet easy-to-use and implement suite of notification features that includes voice calls, text messages, emails, social media posts and push notifications seamlessly in a single action.

BrightArrow has now delivered a powerful teacher/student/parent communication environment called BrightChat. BrightChat is a secure, automatically configured, two-way instant messaging app. Now, teachers, coaches, and administrators can initiate private or group 2-way conversations with parents and students.

BrightArrow's seamless integration with Skyward keeps your student information perfectly synchronized, providing you the tools necessary for a variety of instant and simultaneous mass notifications.

BrightArrow is based in Washington State, fully compliant with FCC TCPA, and selected by WSIPC as an awarded vendor that met all the technical requirements for Notification Systems under RFP 22-03.

On any Request for Quote, Purchase Order and all vendor communication, reference contract number: WSIPC RFP 22-03.

RFP 22-03 Bid Documents

Please send requests for Bid Documentation to the WSIPC Contract Administrator at

On any Request for Quote, Purchase Order and all vendor communication, reference contract number: WSIPC RFP 22-03.

BrightArrow: $1.35/Student/Year ($250 minimum)

Digital Voice Dialer is a full featured web-based notification platform that offers users the ability to quickly send mass voice messages, SMS texts, emails, social media posts, and mobile app push notifications to parents, students, and staff. Fully integrated with your district Skyward database, all messages are created, sent, or scheduled from an easy-to-use web interface or available mobile apps.

Also included in the basic BrightArrow service is access to SafeCast. SafeCast is a texting-based safety feature which allows you to anticipate and respond to potential emergency situations. The simplest way to use SafeCast is to text a predefined phone number, which in turn distributes the emergency information to a list of recipients you have defined. You can also use SafeCast with a predefined keyword, identified by its own hashtag, i.e., #Shooter or #Fire. In this scenario, a teacher or administrator need only type the designated hashtag word to a predefined SafeCast number (provided by BrightArrow). This will automatically launch a predefined BrightArrow Notification to a group of predefined recipients. Learn more about SafeCast here:

BrightChat – Two-way Instant Messaging App by BrightArrow: $1/Student/Year

BrightArrow’s secure automatically configured, two-way instant messaging app with automatic language translation is used by teachers, coaches, and administrators to send messages to parents, students, and staff. BrightChat provides a fast, easy, and flexible way to send messages, allowing the recipient to respond to the group or privately to the sender by using the app. It allows you to type, record audio, attach documents, and even share photos and videos seamlessly. Learn more about BrightChat here >>

Custom Branded Mobile Apps by BrightArrow: $1.35/Student/Year (minimums apply)

Our school-branded mobile app delivers your school or district’s news and information to parents, students, and your entire community on their iPhones, iPads, Androids, and other mobile devices. Branded with your school or district’s unique colors and logo, your school or district’s app will be available for download in the Apple App Store and on Google Play. Learn more about Custom Branded Mobile Apps and mass notification solutions here >>

On any Request for Quote, Purchase Order and all vendor communication, reference contract number: WSIPC RFP 22-03

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