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As North America’s largest learning catalyst, Bluum is rooted in the belief that education is the single most achievable step toward a more positive and equitable tomorrow. Our employees are driven by a single mission – to improve learning and make it more accessible. From the personalized support and services we provide to the hand-picked products we use that create exceptional learning environments, everything we touch, say or do empowers educators to help keep students engaged, connected and safe.

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On the Request for Quote, Purchase Order and all vendor communication, reference contract number: WSIPC 20-01

Bluum has helped thousands of institutions stretch their IT dollars when buying products, warranties, and software through national, state, and local contracts.

From devices and cameras to repair and warranties, Bluum provides complete technology solutions and training to create dynamic learning experiences.

  • Audio Visual Solutions
  • Remote Learning
  • Computing solutions
  • Health and Safety solutions
  • STEM and Collaborative Learning solutions
  • Software and Services

Why Bluum:

  • EdTech Experts - The Bluum team is comprised of education and technology experts who can help you acquire, implement, and use technology to accelerate learning opportunities.
  • Reliability - Bluum is trusted by thousands of schools and districts across North America for support with planning, purchasing, deployment, and use of technology in education.
  • Proven Partner - With nearly 40 years of focus solely in the education sector, we've helped schools and educators drive learning to new levels through technology application and use. We're an extra set of hands you can count on for the long haul.
  • All-In-One Solutions - Bluum has the broadest and most diverse portfolio of productions, solutions, and services available to the education sector. There's no need for multiple vendors.
  • Streamlined Purchasing - We provide a streamlined purchasing process to save you time and can provide competitive pricing due to our relationships and regional buying power.

      On the Request for Quote, Purchase Order and all vendor communication, reference contract number: WSIPC 20-01

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