WSIPC RFP 21-02 E-signature and Document Approval Software Solutions.

As organizations continue to move toward paperless processes, the world of education is no different. E-signature and document approval software solutions give users the ability to gather signatures on documents shared electronically, eliminating the need for physical documents to record signatures. Organizations use e-signature software to encrypt documents, such as contracts, employment paperwork, etc., for which client, employee, or partner signatures are often required.

establishes relationships with one or more vendors that provide responsible and lowest-possible cost e-signature software solutions for its clients (school districts and eligible governmental agencies). This RFP covers e-signature and document approval software solutions.  

E-signature and Document Approval Software Solutions (closed 6/7/21)

Bid Documents 
WSIPC Public Notice - RFP 21-02 
RFP 21-02 E-signature and Document Approval Software Solutions
21-02 Appendix A - Intent To Participate

21-02 Appendix B - Proposal Form 

21-02 Appendix C - Vendor Capabilities
21-02 Appendix D - Product-Service Requirements 

21-02 Appendix E - Vendor Cost Proposal

21-02 Attachment A - Contract for the Purchase of Goods and Services 

21-02 Attachment B - Standard Terms and Conditions of Purchase Contract Template

21-02 Addendum 1 - Q&A 

21-02 Addendum 2 - Q&A
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21-02 Addendum 5 (to Section 2.7) - Request for Submittal Instructions