WSIPC and ezNetPay® Partner to Help School Districts Save Money on Construction Projects

Sep 01, 14

Everett, WA and Des Moines, IA – The Washington School Information Processing Cooperative (WSIPC) and ezNetPay® announced its partnership through WSIPC’s Purchasing Program. The partnership enables Washington school districts to acquire ezNetPay’s software for the lowest price in the state.

ezNetPay® is the only Cloud-based payment processing system that securely automates payments, lien waivers and paperwork for enterprise-level construction projects. School districts save time and money by managing payments for construction and service contracts more efficiently, effectively and securely.

The easy to use web-based software allows users to perform the critical functions of the payment management process online, eliminating time spent printing, copying, packaging and mailing documents. This allows project owners to focus on more valuable tasks of managing projects and payments.

ezNetPay® integrates with Skyward, WSIPC’s core offering, allowing users to easily export payment information from the ezNetPay’s system and import them into their Skyward accounting system. By leveraging ezNetPay’s export capability ezNetPay® customers are given the flexibility to accommodate specific data fields of any accounting system that can import information, which will reduce time and errors from re-entering data.

Request a Demo, or contact Bob Hansen at or (515) 238-0656.

About ezNetPay®

ezNetPay, LLC’s mission is to provide our clients with critical automation tools to boost efficiency and mitigate risk in a highly competitive business environment. Our solutions expedite and synchronize payments, approvals, and disbursements for project owners, contractors, financiers and the wide variety of industries they serve. ezNetPay’s flagship product ezNetPay® stands alone as a Web-based scheduling, fulfillment, and payment solution for project owners. ezNetPay® is an online payment process solution for all contract-for-services' industries. This system has broad application to any businesses utilizing fulfillment and payment processes. To learn more about the ezNetPay®, please visit or call (515) 238-0656.


WSIPC is a non-profit cooperative that provides technology solutions, services, and support to K-12 public and private schools. WSIPC’s membership includes 9 Educational Service Districts and more than 280 school districts, who represent nearly 730,000 students in over 1,500 schools throughout Washington State.

Members receive a powerful line-up of student, business, HR, and reporting applications, along with an array of premium technologies. WSIPC’s innovative structure is designed to help schools do more with every dollar, making us an invaluable investment that will grow with your school’s needs.


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