Win 30 Chromebooks For Your Classroom!

Apr 27, 21

Trafera Gives Back Video

Through its #TraferaGiveBack2021 initiative, our WSIPC Purchasing Program partner Trafera will award four deserving schools a classroom's worth of 30 new Google Chromebooks, complete with education management licenses, premium customized setup services, three-year Trafera Platinum warranties, and professional training on ways to use digital devices to enhance learning!

"We love schools. It's been really difficult for us to hear the challenges they've had to face and see the impact it's having on students," said Charlie Williams, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Trafera. "As a company whose specialty is helping schools achieve digital learning in the classroom, we feel like we're in a perfect place to give back to some of these schools and help ease their burdens."

On hearing about the program, many partner companies Trafera works with also wanted to supply donations of their own. The awarded schools will also receive a LocknCharge Joey 30 charging cart, Higher Ground protective cases, Eyesafe blue-light screen filters, and Securly student safety software.

Schools can enter the #TraferaGiveBack2021 contest by submitting a short video or essay about how they would use the Chromebooks to transform student learning. Entries will be accepted through May 21, 2021, at which point eight finalists will be selected and the public will have a chance to vote for their favorites on social media. Voting will close on June 4, 2021, and on June 7th Trafera will announce three winners based on the highest numbers of votes and a fourth "Trafera's Choice" winner.

The contest is open to all registered K-12 schools within the USA.

Click Here to Enter!

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Trafera is an awarded vendor of WSIPC RFP 20-01 Computer Hardware & Equipment. Click here to learn more.

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