What's New with Qmlativ?

Sep 06, 19

Pioneering New Territory with Qmlativ

Check out the newest and shiniest features available in Qmlativ!

W2 Audit
There is no doubt that W2 time can be hectic. To help ease the stress during this time, a W2 audit is now available on Qmlativ. Unlike other audits in Qmlativ, the W2 audit functions more as a report-it spots exceptions that would be gathered in the W2 reporting process, so that you can correct them ahead of time.

Quick Filter
Use Quick Filters to become more efficient! With the Quick Filter feature, you can create filters in multiple columns on any list screen in the system. Then you can apply all these filters at once, rather than filtering each column individually. It’s a quicker way to pinpoint the data you’re looking for.

Mobile Update: Student Profile in Administrative Access
Get quick, secure access to student data from your mobile device when and where you need it! Enter a quick discipline referral on your mobile device when the incident occurs.

Hosting a parent-teacher conference? You don’t have to be stuck behind your computer-with the mobile app you can connect with parents and view grades and attendance for reference.

Scheduling Board
Get a visual representation of your school’s master schedule. With this new tool, it’s easier to determine in which periods of the day classes fit best. You can use the Scheduling Board to move classes from period to period without having to jump back and forth from the course master to make updates.

Grouping Students in the Gradebook
Teachers-you can now break students down into groups within classes, and create assignments specific to each group! Students can remain in the same groups throughout the duration of the class, or you can move them around as different groups work together on projects and assignments. You can also assign students to multiple groups at once.

Qmlativ will give everyone in your district the tools they need to succeed every day. We can’t wait to share it with you!

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The Qmlativ Education Management System is a comprehensive, web-based system, encompassing two product suites (Student and Business). Qmlativ offers a wide variety of applications, and holistically manages the daily operations of your district or school. To learn more about Qmlativ contact your ESD, visit our website, or contact us at info@wsipc.org.

WASWUG is a Washington Skyward User Conference designed for and created by district users who want to learn more about Skyward, share insights, and network.

WSIPC is a non-profit cooperative that provides technology solutions (including Qmlativ), services, and support to K-12 schools. WSIPC’s purpose is to help schools do more with every dollar and to empower them with the tools to work smarter. To learn how your district can become part of the WSIPC Cooperative, contact us at info@wsipc.org or 425.349.6600.

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