We're Revamping My School Data!

Jan 24, 18

My School Data Logo

On Thursday, January 25th, 2018, WSIPC’s My School Data (MSD) portal will get a new look! We’re revamping the application icons for various MSD applications, so sign in on Friday and check out our new style!

In Thursday’s release, we are also enhancing the functionality of our High School and Beyond (HSB) Planner. There are a lot of exciting changes in this release, so read on to learn more!

HSB Has a New Look!

We’ve given HSB a new look in this release. For example, on the My Plan tab we’ve replaced the accordions with buttons and added the student’s picture to the header area. Sign in to HSB on Friday to see our new design!

The My Plan Tab Has New Sections!

We’ve added three new sections to the My Plan tab.

The Optional High School Assessment Results section allows a student or counselor to add courses and assessments that prepare the student for their post-secondary plans.  For example, they can add college placement exams, college courses, or dual enrollment courses.

The Interventions section and the Academic Support section allow the student or counselor to enter information about interventions and academic support planned for the student. These sections have been added to comply with EHSB 2224. A blue question mark Help button has been added to provide information about interventions and academic support.

We’ve Added New Tabs to HSB

The Graduation Checklist tab allows students, guardians, and counselors to see “at a glance” the student’s progress towards graduation. This tab includes areas for State Exams (met or not met), High School Credits (Required, Waived and Earned), and a Transcript Review check box for counselors.

We’ve added a Setup tab to allow HSB System Administrators (a new security role) to configure some areas of HSB for their districts. Areas of configuration include the number of graduation credits for each graduating class year, and which web resource links are available.

We’ve Added New Security Role to My School Data

We’ve added a new column to the HSB System Administrator to allow districts to identify which users can access the new Setup tab.

So sign in to My School Data and explore these exciting new features! If you have any questions, please contact your Information Service Center, or the WSIPC Data Services team at myschooldata@wsipc.org or 425-349-6699.