WA State Procurement Law - How To Be Compliant and Save Time and Money

Oct 11, 19

If you’re a school in Washington State, you must comply with WA State Bid Law RCW 28A.335.190 when you buy furniture, equipment, or supplies (except books). This law does not apply explicitly to services, however many schools apply the same requirements to this type of purchase. So what are the requirements of this law?

You can purchase furniture, equipment, or supplies that cost less than $40,000, on the open market. No formal bid process is required.

To purchase furniture, equipment, or supplies estimated to cost between $40,000 and $75,000, you must seek competitive quotes (written or by phone) from three different sources.

Purchases estimated to cost more than $75,000 must meet the requirements of the competitive bidding process. The competitive bidding process requires the following:
  • Notice of the bid must be placed in a newspaper in general circulation once a week for two weeks.
  • Sealed written bids are required and must be opened publicly at a place and time outlined in the notice.
  • The bid must be awarded to lowest responsible bidder.

Washington State law is more restrictive than federal law for purchases above $75,000, so if you have met the requirements outlined in RCW 28A.335.190 you also meet the federal requirements laid out in EDGAR §80.36. Purchases made using Federal money (Title I, IDEA, etc.) must conform to Federal requirements.

How WSIPC Can Help

A benefit of being served by the WSIPC Cooperative is that we can use our centralized resources so our districts do not have to use their own time, money, and resources to meet bid requirements. WSIPC’s Purchasing Program connects schools to a network of RFP Bid technology solution providers. This program offers software, hardware, and service providers compliant with RCW 28A.335.190. For a full list of available product and service contracts, check out the Purchasing page on our website.

For more information about WSIPC’s Purchasing Program, contact us at info@wsipc.org or 425-349-6600.