Qmlativ – New Year, New Updates!

Jan 23, 24


Qmlativ – New Year, New Updates!

An Easier Way to Set Up Family and Student Access
Great news! All configurations for Family and Student Access have been consolidated into one place in Qmlativ. Now it’s easy to find and adjust what will display for parents and students. There’s also a new utility, Copy Family/Student Access Settings, that you can use to clone settings from one entity to another.

Google Classroom and Qmlativ Integration
Skyward has partnered with Google for Education to build a grade export between Google Classroom and Qmlativ Gradebook. This means that when teachers enter grades and assignments into Google Classroom, the grades can be exported to Qmlativ, eliminating the need for duplicate entry and saving valuable time.

Extra Pay Amounts for Subs
Does your district struggle to fill substitute positions on certain days? Qmlativ now gives you the option to offer extra pay for added incentive on hard-to-fill days. You can define the days that qualify a sub for an additional pay amount (for example, all Mondays and Fridays, or the Monday – Wednesday before Thanksgiving). You can also designate how much additional pay is offered. When a sub works a day configured to receive extra pay, Qmlativ automatically pays the sub the standard rate plus the extra amount. And, when subs work partial days, you can set up Qmlativ to prorate the extra amount or pay the sub the full extra amount.

Comp Time Processing
Qmlativ Employee Access now has a built-in comp time solution in Time Tracking! Instead of using a spreadsheet to track how much comp time an employee earns and manually entering that data into Time Off, you can let Qmlativ handle calculations for you. Decide whether you want employees to be able to request comp time hours or whether you’ll require eligible hours to automatically convert to comp time on employees' timesheets. Upon approval, comp time hours will accrue in the Time Off module—there’s no need to move them over manually.

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