Our Friends At NWESD 189 Are Hiring!

Jan 28, 22

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NWESD 189 is Hiring!

Software Support Analysts - Are you in the Everett, WA area?

Would you like to help support our schools?

Our friends at NWESD 189 are hiring a Software Support Analyst to join their team at their Northwest Regional Data Center.

Click here to apply!

The Northwest Regional Data Center (NWRDC) is part of the Northwest Educational Service District (NWESD 189) located in Anacortes, WA. NWRDC provides training and support for the Skyward Student and Business (Finance, Human Resources, and Payroll) Information Systems. The NWRDC services school districts from the Canadian border to the San Juan Islands and south into Pierce County.

WSIPC is a non-profit public agency that provides technology solutions, services, and support to K-12 schools. WSIPC’s purpose is to help schools do more with every dollar and to empower them with the tools to work smarter. To learn how your district can become part of the WSIPC Cooperative, contact us at info@wsipc.org or 425.349.6600.

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Image credit: Caroline Hernandez