Olympia SD Transforms the Accessibility of Their Website!

Nov 08, 19

Communications Team from Olympia SD

Olympia School District’s Communication Team (Susan Gifford, Robert Hardy, and Conor Schober, from left to right) at WSIPC last week

What goes into building an accessible website for differently abled people?

Last week, Olympia School District and Intrado SchoolMessenger hosted a Lunch and Learn event at WSIPC to share with other districts in the WSIPC Cooperative what they’ve learned.

The Communications Team from Olympia School District shared how using Intrado SchoolMessenger has dramatically transformed their website. From mobile-responsiveness to high-contrast images and buttons, these features have significantly improved their accessibility across the 20 schools in their district. An accessible website streamlines communication for all members of a school community.

Intrado SchoolMessenger provides school notification, custom district mobile apps, and school websites all under one, easy-to-use platform. Designed to work together from the start, SchoolMessenger school communication systems save time and provide more immediate, complete engagement with your community. Additional products like K12 Social for social media management, and the end-to-end attendance management tool, SafeArrival, expand your reach even further.

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