New Student Learning & Grading Guidance from OSPI

Apr 22, 20

OSPI Video

Check out this video - Superintendent Reykdal discusses the new guidance and how OSPI put it together.

OSPI has published new Student Learning & Grading Guidance to provide a framework and key principles for student learning and grading while schools are closed. The framework has been designed to enhance statewide consistency and to maintain local flexibility.

This guidance, and subsequent rule adoption, will focus on the following framework:

  1. Students in grades K–8 will be challenged to demonstrate effort and success in learning standards established by their teachers. Students will move on to the next grade, unless by mutual agreement between parents/guardians and teachers they agree to repeat a grade or a portion of learning missed. Districts will retain complete decision-making on middle school grading practices for students not taking high school credit-bearing courses.
  2. Grades 9–12 and middle school students taking credit-bearing high school level work will be graded using the following principles:
    - Do no harm!
    - Every student will get an opportunity to improve their grade with their March 17 status as a baseline.
    - No student will receive a “pass,” “fail,” or “no credit” grade for any course.
    -Teachers will assign grades or assign an “incomplete” for students that cannot engage in an equitable way.
    - Every class taken during the closure period will be given a statewide designator on the high school transcript to denote the unique environment in which the course was taken.
    - Students assigned an “incomplete” for a course will be given opportunities to reengage in the learning standards based on local school district decisions in consultation with the student/parents/guardians.
    - All students will be given an opportunity to engage in continuous learning to maintain or improve their mastery of essential standards.

To build this guidance, OSPI asked for input from across the state, and received an incredible response from educators, students, and parents.

Click here to view OSPI's Student Learning & Grading Guidance Publication

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