New Skyward Integration: Red Rover Staff Absence Management!

May 06, 21

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Finding substitutes was challenging before the pandemic—and it's only become more difficult. Skyward has partnered with Red Rover to make it easier!

Let’s take a look at Red Rover’s solution and how this partnership will benefit your district.

What is Red Rover?
Red Rover is an employee absence and attendance management solution. It saves districts time and money by using automatic schedule optimization technology to fill absence requests, while at the same time attracting and retaining a stable pool of qualified substitutes. Red Rover is the fastest growing absence management solution, currently supporting HR teams in over 1,700 schools.

How will the Red Rover-Skyward integration help your district?
Skyward’s new partnership with Red Rover will benefit districts using both SMS 2.0 and Qmlativ. It will eliminate the need to manually enter employee time off and substitute work—saving your HR team valuable time. Here’s what the process will look like for employees taking time off:

  1. Employees at your district will enter their time-off requests within Skyward.
  2. After entering the request, they will automatically be redirected to Red Rover to complete a substitute request.

It’s as easy as that! Alternatively, employees could enter both their time-off and substitute requests in Red Rover and that information would be pulled into Skyward.

When it’s time to export the data, if your district is using SMS 2.0, you can export it from Red Rover and upload it into Skyward, or you can pull information directly from Red Rover with the click of a button via web service connection.

If your district is using Qmlativ, the same options are available to you. However, upcoming API integrations will make it even easier, providing real-time data transactions between Red Rover and Qmlativ.

The Skyward team is excited about the new integration with Red Rover, since the challenge of finding and retaining substitute teachers has grown tougher since the pandemic began. We hope this partnership will make it easier for your district to find high-quality substitutes so you can rest assured the best educator is in every classroom.

Want to know more about getting Red Rover with Skyward set up in your school?

Contact Red Rover Today!

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