New Features Added To High School and Beyond!

Feb 20, 19


High School and Beyond is an interactive planning tool. It delivers all the elements of Washington state’s required plan, including a four-year course plan based on state or district graduation requirements and post-secondary goals. High School and Beyond uses the student’s data from Skyward.

Check out the new features we’ve added to our High School and Beyond planning tool:
  • Google Translate – you can now view High School and Beyond in 100+ languages
  • The ability to upload portfolio documents
  • Customizable web links to Explore Careers, Colleges, Finances and Military Service
  • Areas to enter Additional Assessment Scores and Course Work
  • Assessment Scores and Notification of the Middle School Math Requirement
  • Interventions and Academic Support areas
  • User help text
  • Areas to help form a Personalized Pathway
  • Warning of Math Requirement Not Met
  • Historical or custom General Learning Outcomes (GLO’s), Transfers, or Waivers
Thank you to our district counselors and principals, and to our Service Center Coordinators. Your feedback drives the direction of this product.

High School and Beyond not only helps students to plan their future, it creates a clear and concise strategy towards accomplishing their educational goals.

High School and Beyond is free to WSIPC Cooperative member districts using Skyward's SIS

To learn more or view a demo, contact your Information Service Center or WSIPC at or (425) 349-6699.

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