Mukilteo SD - A Journey from Aspen to Qmlativ

Dec 27, 18

Skyward. Qmlativ. Let's Do This (Image of woman on mountain top)

NWRDC, working as partners with the district technical staff, WSIPC and Skyward, has completed migration for the Mukilteo School District from the Aspen Student Information System to Qmlativ. NWRDC Director, Lynn Roediger, and Student Support Manager, Katy McCoard, gave us the scoop on the opportunities and successes of this migration.

What was the most critical element to the success of the migration from Aspen to Qmlativ?
The most critical element to success in learning Qmlativ for both NWRDC and Mukilteo was training - making the time to access the Professional Development Center (PDC) and to practice in the staging area. It’s critical to regularly devote time to work in the Help Center and PDC, and to start this as early as possible. The scenarios in the PDC build a good foundation of knowledge, and practicing in staging allows you to see how the processes work. It was a stretch to find the time to learn Qmlativ–but it’s critical that you schedule time each week to learn.

What decision are you most happy with?
We decided not to re-write the training materials from PDC when training Mukilteo. Instead, we provided training outlines with links to where to find the information in the PDC. This proved to be quite effective and was a great time-saver. We then worked with Mukilteo on any specific needs and/or questions they had.

We’re happy to share our training outlines. If your ISC is interested, please contact Kathy Bisig at

We also decided to train Mukilteo cyclically, so that they could learn what they needed to know, when they needed to know it. The information is fresh in their minds, and they are able to apply it immediately. Training did not end at migration, rather, it was just the beginning.

What was the most challenging element of this migration?
Working through a migration is always challenging. When you’re one of the first, there is only a basic roadmap to follow, and the processes are not yet well-defined. The Qmlativ software, as well as the Data Migration Tool, were constantly being upgraded during the process. However, we are very proud to support Mukilteo School District as trail-blazers. We have learned so much, and we hope to assist other ISCs by sharing this knowledge.

Do you have any suggestions for ISCs migrating larger districts?
Larger districts often handle their own tier one support. During migration this can cause a bottle-neck as there are so many questions and specific issues reported from staff. Mukilteo decided to have staff contact their help line directly. However, the tech staff could input tickets into Footprints to expediate NWRDCs help in troubleshooting.

What are your main takeaways?
Change is challenging, and migrating our first district, one of the first in the Cooperative, and a large district, was no different. There is a learning curve when you start any big project for the first time, but this is also a great way to learn the system.

We are proud to have been one of the first to complete a migration, and of the work we’ve done to help develop the Qmlativ product and to refine the migration process. Mukilteo has been a phenomenal partner in this migration. They have been so positive, and this is critical to a successful migration. WSIPC’s support has been very responsive through the migration – providing the help we needed and keeping communications with Skyward open and ongoing.

The Northwest Regional Data Center (NWRDC) is one of seven statewide regional data centers and is located in Everett, Washington. It is part of the Northwest Educational Service District (NWESD) located in Anacortes, WA. NWRDC provides training and support for the Skyward Student and Business (Finance, Human Resources, and Payroll) Information Systems. In addition, it operates a fee-for-service Print Shop and provides Contract Business Services to districts.

WSIPC is a non-profit cooperative that provides technology solutions (including Skyward), services, and support to K-12 schools. WSIPC’s purpose is to help schools do more with every dollar and to empower them with the tools to work smarter.

The Qmlativ Education Management System is a comprehensive, web-based system, encompassing two product suites (Student and Business). Qmlativ offers a wide variety of applications, and holistically manages the daily operations of your district or school.

To learn more about Qmlativ, visit our website or contact us at or 425.349.6600.