Manage Your Contracts with the Power of Odyssey!

Oct 04, 23

Contract Lifecycle Management Solution

Contract Lifecycle Management Dedicated to Relentless Simplicity!

That’s where Odyssey, from our newest WSIPC Purchasing Program partner Pantheon Inc. comes in. Odyssey is a powerful, code-free, digital automation platform that simplifies business processes to streamline workflows, lower risk, and empower your organization today and into the future.

Harness the power of Odyssey to streamline your negotiations with collaboration in real-time, create quick turnaround with digital signatures, and easily access and manage your documents after they are signed and stored to monitor fulfillment.

  • Everything You Need in One Place - Odyssey's next generation integration capabilities pull data from your third-party disparate systems (including electronic approval and e-signature applications) so all your information can be accessed from one place.
  • Custom-Built Workflows for All Contract Types - Odyssey's wizard-driven configuration approach allows team members of all skill levels to craft intelligent workflows. Odyssey’s workflow editor is entirely customizable to match your existing processes, giving you complete control of your contract approval structure, templates, automated notifications, and user access levels.
  • Secure User-Defined Access for Everyone - Instantly and securely track and monitor contracts based on your role, and collaborate and negotiate with vendors, customers, and partners. Contract authoring and management with permission-based controls lets you protect sensitive data, yet still provide the ease of accessibility across different departments and devices with in-system credentials for each level of user.
  • Audit Trails for Enhanced Compliance - Odyssey can record all changes and approvals, automatically creating audit trails that document the history of each contract.

“We at WSIPC are thrilled to forge a new partnership with Pantheon, as we strive to empower the K-12 community with innovative and comprehensive solutions tailored to their unique needs. Our mission is to enable schools to focus on their core objectives, fostering environments that ensure student success,” shared Dr. Dana Anderson, WSIPC CEO.

“The services and software provided by WSIPC’s Cooperative programs currently reach over a million students, and it is our commitment to enhance this by offering groundbreaking solutions. We are confident that Pantheon will significantly contribute to this mission, providing a contract management solution that aligns with your goals and values.”

Manage Your Contracts with Odyssey!
Contact Spencer LaClair today ( / 407-808-8260) and reference WSIPC RFP 23-01 for contract pricing.

About WSIPC’s Purchasing Program
Each vendor who becomes a part of WSIPC’s Purchasing Program has been awarded a bid contract through an official RFP process in compliance with Washington State Procurement RCWs. For a full list of available product and service contracts, check out the Purchasing page on our website.

Pantheon is an awarded vendor of WSIPC RFP 23-01 Contract Lifecycle Management Solutions.

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