Lake Washington - Leading the Way in Video!

Apr 22, 19

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Branding your district and sharing your stories helps to increase parent engagement, highlight student successes, and connects your teachers and students to your community. It may sound like a strange idea, as branding is traditionally associated with large corporations and marketing companies, but branding your district and sharing the achievements of your students, teachers, and families is a vital way to engage the community and enlist advocates for your school.

Lake Washington – Leading the Way in Video!
Lake Washington School District has been called out by Skyward as one of the top districts nationwide in amplifying their culture through video channels. Read more below and check out their videos!

Lake Washington School District, Washington

Lake Washington School District boasts lots of unique offerings. First up, explore the series about lunch buddies— volunteers who are paired with students to help them build their social skills and self-confidence. Next, it was so impressive to see two versions of a video about the importance of kindergarten, one in English and one in Spanish, to better serve the community and showcase the dual language program.

There’s so much more content, from staff talking about their jobs to superintendent updates to information about international families to reasons to work for the district, but here are the two versions of the Kindergarten Counts video:

KindergartenCounts Video - Spanish Version

KindergartenCounts Video - English Version
From “11 Districts Leading the Way in Video” on the Skyward website

Developing and nurturing your school’s brand, and sharing your school’s stories, breaks down the school walls so the amazing things that happen in your school every day can be experienced, shared, and championed by your community.

Check out more from Lake Washington on their YouTube Channel!

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