Introducing... Equipment Online

Mar 09, 18


Assistive Technology
 is comprised of over 4,000 technologies according to Education World.  This technology provides ways to integrate students into the classroom that were not possible in the past.  Fast growth in the industry has led to shrinking size of the technology - allowing mobility throughout districts.

To answer the needs of districts faced with the challenges of Tracking Equipment, Training and Student Access, PCG has developed a solution:  Equipment Online.

Benefits of Equipment Online
  • Ability to track entire inventory of Assistive Technology or other equipment throughout the district
  • Assign equipment to students
    *View assignment history 
    *IEP teams able to view information through IEP Online 
  • Track training needed and completed 
  • Available for all students, including General Education  
    *No IEP or Referral needed to assign equipment

Interested in finding out more about Equipment Online?  PCG will be presenting a session at Camp WASWUG on Sunday, March 11th at 2pm.  The session title is: Improving Special Education and ELL Outcomes with IEP Online.

Attendees can expect to learn about new initiatives and functionality in IEP Online, how PCG can simplify Medicaid reimbursement for school districts, and how IEP Online Translation can help schools more effectively prepare for IEP meetings for English-language learner (ELL) students.  We’ll also demonstrate IEP Online’s new module to track assistive technology devices and other equipment and software." 

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