Find the Flexible Learning Environment Solutions Your District Needs!

Aug 19, 21

Trafera Webinar

Free Coffee and Conversation!

Taking on a Hybrid Future: Solutions for Flexible Learning Environments

Tuesday, August 24, Noon (PST)

The new school year is here, and here we are with high levels of uncertainty when it comes to where classes will be taking place. Hybrid learning environments present unique challenges. From promoting engagement across a distance to feeling connected on a human level, we need solutions for making this new way of learning as powerful as in-person instruction.

To help you meet this challenge, WSIPC’s Purchasing Program partner Trafera is hosting a free webinar to discuss solutions for flexible learning environments.

Who is presenting:

  • Josh Ratliff | Director of Education Initiatives at Trafera
  • Eric Wells | Director of Southwest Regional Services at Trafera and Former COO at Muskogee Public Schools
  • Tim Garber | Newline
  • Carl Harvell | AVer

Find the Flexible Learning Environment solutions your district needs!

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