Emergency Notifications & Panic Escalation App!

Nov 07, 22


Our WSIPC Purchasing Program partner
K12 Alerts has been awarded our Notification System Solutions RFP!

A single unified safety communications platform for your district's mass notifications, paperless newsletters, daily attendance calls, low lunch balance calls, and more. Also available, the Smart Button® panic button escalation app and communications hub. K12 Alerts has you covered!

  • Instantly send voice, email, SMS/text, and social media messages
  • Translation to multiple languages
  • K12 Alerts Mobile App for Administrators to send messages to one or more groups
  • Resident Portal allows residents to sign up for email notifications from schools
  • Automate your Skyward Student or HR information data imports
  • Create and use pre-set email message templates
  • Improve campus safety with the Smart Button® panic escalation app
    • Live connection with campus building(s) in a crisis
    • Panic Button for faculty/staff
    • Ensure real-time coordination between internal and external responder agencies
    • Fingertip access to emergency procedures/plans
    • 2-way secure chat with building personnel and emergency teams
    • Broadcast mass push messages to faculty/staff in one or more schools

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Stay Alert with K12 Alerts!

The WSIPC and K12 Alerts purchasing contract partnership will help you lower costs, increase community involvement, synergize emergency response, and create a safer school climate.

Contact K12 Alerts today at 203-293-9770 / wsipc@k12alerts.com and reference WSIPC RFP 22-03 for contract pricing.

About WSIPC’s Purchasing Program
Each vendor who becomes a part of WSIPC’s Purchasing Program has been awarded a bid contract through an official RFP process in compliance with Washington State Procurement RCWs. For a full list of available product and service contracts, check out the Purchasing page on our website.

K12 Alerts is an awarded vendor of WSIPC RFP 22-03 Notification System Solutions.
(Note: K12 Alerts was previously an awarded vendor of WSIPC RFP 16-03 Notification Systems. WSIPC RFP 22-03 Notification System Solutions replaces WSIPC RFP 16-03 Notification Systems.)

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