Ed-Fi API is Available for SMS 2.0!

Apr 15, 21


Ed-Fi is a data standard that allows multiple systems to share information. Any educational technology that’s powered by Ed-Fi can connect via the Operational Data Store (ODS). The Ed-Fi API is used to integrate Skyward’s SMS 2.0 with an onsite or cloud-based ODS. Cooperative districts are currently using the API to update their data and reporting solutions.

Skyward’s SMS 2.0 supports version 3.x of the Ed-Fi standard, and will be kept current as part of the Skyward release process.

If your district is interested in using the API for an Ed-Fi ODS in your data center or the cloud, contact your Information Service Center. WSIPC can provide guidance and help Cooperative districts connect their data to the Ed-Fi technology suite.

The Ed-Fi API for Qmlativ will be available in the fourth quarter of this year.

The Ed-Fi Alliance is a community of educators, technologists, and leaders committed to ensuring that every teacher, school district, and state agency can see, secure, and use their data—regardless of what platform it’s built on.

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Image Credit:
Federico Beccari