District Spotlight: Walla Walla Public Schools Summer Sol Program

May 20, 21

Summer Sol

Walla Walla Public Schools Summer Sol Program

Monday - Friday, June 21 - August 13, 2021

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(Registration is open through May 31st – and is for Walla Walla students only)

What does the Summer Sol program entail?
The program is broken down into three parts:

  • Morning Acceleration (8:30am-10:30am): This is for select, teacher-identified students needing support in reading and math. Communication from each school will notify parents of student eligibility for this part of Summer Sol. This notification will come around mid-May
  • Enrichment Programming (10:30am-12:30pm): This portion of Summer Sol is open to all currently enrolled Walla Walla Public Schools students. Registration for this portion of the program will open May 3rd and includes hands-on, experience-based programming (gardening, theater, STEM, music, art, Sports & Rec, Swim Lessons, Robotics, etc.).
  • Summer Sol Pass (12:30pm-5:00pm): After 12:30pm students will go home, or if in elementary school they have the option to be bussed to Sharpstein to participate in the YMCA's 12:30pm-5:00pm afternoon Summer Enrichment program. In addition, all students enrolled in Summer Sol will have a badge that allows them certain community perks, like a Memorial Pool pass for that student, a free registration for a Parks & Rec activity or program this summer, and/or unique YMCA programs like Youth Sports Camp or Rock Climbing. Registrations and sign-ups for these types of perks will be through the respective designated organization.

What is the cost of Summer Sol?
Summer Sol is free for all Walla Walla Public Schools kids! Only Walla Walla Public Schools students may attend.

Will transportation and food be provided?
Transportation will be provided based on need (as defined by school district boundaries), and daily grab-and-go sack lunches and breakfasts will be provided as well.

How do I sign my child up for Summer Sol?
You can register online here. Registration is open during the entire month of May. You will need to fill out one online form for each child you are registering. If you have trouble registering online, you can call 509-526-6787 to help with the online registration process. Paper registration forms are also available in the main office of each school.

WSIPC and Summer Sol
WSIPC has been working with ESD105’s Student Records Coordinators and Walla Walla Public Schools' staff to set up the Entity and data in the Skyward SMS 2.0 software.

Pam Jacobson, Walla Walla’s District Data Security and Student Records Coordinator, shared that they were expecting around 100 students and already have over 500 signed up!

WSIPC is so proud to help Walla Walla Public Schools with this fantastic program!

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