District Spotlight: South Kitsap Teachers Earn National Board Certification!

Jan 11, 19

South Kitsap Log

South Kitsap Teachers Earn National Board Certification!

Three South Kitsap educators recently received some exciting news. Christine Fleagle from Hidden Creek Elementary, Tracy Krog from Mullenix Ridge Elementary, and Breanne Coats from John Sedgwick Middle School achieved National Board Certification. This certification is the highest credential in the teaching profession. The process is voluntary and achieved through a rigorous performance–based assessment that takes between one and three years to complete.

Eight other South Kitsap educators successfully renewed their National Board Certification: Robin Ragsdale, Brandon DeBritz, Maura Crisp, Sally Makfinsky, Candace Barich, Vanessa Hair, Gretchen Stoddard, and Susie Nass. Currently, there are 59 teachers with this honor in South Kitsap School District.

For more information, contact the South Kitsap School District Learning and Instructional Support Office at 360-874-7058.

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