District Spotlight: Eagle Creek's Great Kindness Challenge Brings Community Together

Feb 18, 19

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Eagle Creek’s Great Kindness Challenge Brings Community Together

Arlington Police at Eagle Creek Elementary
Eagle Creek Elementary’s Great Kindness Challenge took place Jan. 28-Feb. 1. Arlington agencies and community members visited the school to be role models of kindness, as they worked with students on kindness projects. This is the third year of the program at Eagle Creek.

During the week, community members and employees from agencies like the Arlington Police Department, Arlington Fire Department, city of Arlington and Arlington School District, helped students make different items to spread kindness. These included items like kindness pennants, individual letters, banners and pictures. These items will be distributed by students in the next few weeks to businesses, neighborhoods and community agencies.

“We’re trying to instill in the students the importance of giving back to the community,” said Colene Jablonski, Eagle Creek counselor and event organizer. “We also want the community to see how we can support each other through kindness.”

The Great Kindness Challenge is a national movement designed to increase tolerance, unity and respect. More than 20,000 schools across the country were involved in the event.

Originally posted on www.ourkidswa.com.

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